Dream Meaning of Thief

To see a thief in a dream refers to disease.

To dream that a thief takes some commodities from your house means that your disease will proceed. If the thief takes invaluable things from your house in your dream, this denotes that a person outside your family will help you about your disease.

To see that a thief steals valuable things from your house in your dream means that a person’s help will work. If you see that the thief doesn’t steal valuable things in your dream, this dream means that you will help your friend financially.

To dream that the thief is from your family may signify that you will have a problem regarding this person.

To dream that you fight with the thief means that you will take a lot of money.

To see that the thief falls out of a window in your dream denotes that news which you are waiting for will come.

To dream that you know the person who steals may represent that you will be harmed by this person. If you steal, you will harm a person.

To dream that the thief is stealing your money may represent that you should be open to the innovations. If you see that you steal another person’s money in your dream, this dream denotes changes regarding your job or school. 

To dream that the thief is hiding means that you will lose your valuable things.



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