Dream Meaning of Flour

Dream Meaning of Flour

To see flour in a dream refers to harm, loss and scarcity.  

To see of eating flour in a dream means that you will have a short term financial trouble. 

To see white flour in a dream refers to temporary scarcity. If you see colorful flour in your dream, it signifies scarcity which lasts long. 

To play with flour in your dream may indicate that you will have incompatibility with people because of your financial trouble. 

To see flour in a sack in your dream symbolizes that you will get rid of scarcity, go away from bad incident with the help of your friends. 

To see flour with packages in your dream means that by starting to save and giving up squandering, you will reach the wealth again.

To see of taking or buying flour in your dream may indicate that you will be cautious before for a troublous period and won't have difficulty.  

To see of giving or selling flour in your dream symbolizes that by helping your relative in a scarcity period, you will take benediction. 

To sift flour in your dream may imply that by being patient about the harm you had in the past, you will be all right.

To see that everywhere is full of flour in your dream denotes that there will be general scarcity and thirstiness in that year. 

To make meal with flour, put flour into the meal in your dream signifies that the money spending on beer and skittles is too much and these expenses should be decreased. 

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