Dream Meaning of Tent

To see a tent in a dream symbolizes happy, beautiful, good incidents within family.

To put up a tent in your dream implies that your problems in your job will get better and you will thrust yourself to the forefront with your own works.

To dream that you couldn’t put up a tent signifies that a good news will affect you and this will have positive sides for you. If you see a person who puts up a tent in your dream, it means that you will have a journey with your close friend and meet new people during this journey.

To see that a tent spoils in your dream implies that changes which you make in your job will turn back to you positively in future times.

To see of buying a tent in your dream may represent that one of your family members will change his/her city because of job or any kind of reason.

To see of selling a tent in your dream suggests that a person who doesn’t have a blood relation with you will join your family or leave from your family.

To see a tent with small size in your dream indicates that you will make a city change for a while because of education or any kind of course.

To see a tent with big size in your dream signifies good news or events that you will have with your partner or hear.

To see that you are sleeping in a tent in your dream implies that you will use some money with the purpose of help and you will be very happy with this action.


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