Dream Meaning of Swing

To see a swing in your dream refers to public officer, a job with state or an agreement.

To see that you swing in your dream means that you will be a public officer, have a commodity or property which you will get by means of state. ıf you swing rapidly in your dream, you will earn a lot of money from a lottery or competition.

To fall from swing in your dream indicates that you will have trouble because of your invoice or debt which you forgot to pay. However, you will overcome this quickly. If you see a person who falls from swing in your dream, it means that you will be called in by your friend because of a trouble regarding the state.

To see that a person swings in your dream suggests that if this person is woman, it denotes a fair executive who will come to the state administration. If this person is man, it denotes a powerful executive who will come to power.  

To see a baby or a small child who swings in your dream refers to a high paying which will be done by the state for a commodity or property. 

To skin down from the swing in your dream implies that you will save from your debt by paying your invoice or debt easily. If you see a person who skins down from the swing, it tells that your relative who borrows money from you will come to pay this debt. 

To install a swing in your dream signifies that by setting up a new job, you will get high gains and pay your tax to the state regularly. If you see that another person installs a swing in your dream, it is telling you that an opportunity which you see will be fulfilled by another person before.  

To dream that you swing with a person indicates that you will be a guarantor for a commodity which that person bought or you will act as a witness with this person in a lawsuit because they see an incident together.

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