Dream Meaning of Student

To see a student in your dream refers to lecture which you will take from a person who is younger than you.

To see a female student in your dream may represent that you will take a criticism which you are agree with from your partner. If you see a male student in your dream, it tells you that you will hear news from your relative, which makes you happy and which is about your job.

To see a lot of students in your dream signifies that there will be many people who advice you before you decide. However, you won’t listen anyone and you will notice that your own decision will be the true choice.

To see yourself as a student in your dream implies that if you are a student in reality, there will be an issue which makes you happy. If you aren’t a student but you dream that you are a student, you will make a wrong decision because you didn’t take a person’s say seriously.

To see that you have students in your dream means that you will use one of your abilities and do business which provides profit.

To see students who fight with each other in your dream may indicate that you will be proved right about a subject which you are worried about and thanks to precautions you take, you won’t take harm from this trouble. If you fight with a student in your dream, it refers to a younger person who has emotional feelings towards you.

To dream that you have a sex with a student indicates that you will gain interest by means of a method which isn’t accepted by your environment. Thanks to this interest, you will be relaxed financially.

To see that you are listening the lecture from a student in your dream symbolizes that because of your modest attitudes towards an issue you are successful in, people in your environment will appreciate you.

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