Dream Meaning of Crocodile

Dream Meaning of Crocodile

To see a crocodile in a dream refers to concealment, fear, avoidance. You will consign your money or commodity to your relative because of your journey.

To see a baby crocodile in your dream means that your reliable friend will request for help to hide from you.

To dream that a crocodile bites you symbolizes that you will get your thing which you are afraid of losing stolen.

To kill a crocodile or see a dead crocodile in your dream signifies that you will separate your way with your friend who disappoints you.

To eat a crocodile meat in your dream may imply that you will reveal a person or commodity which you hides without hesitation and your environment will have jealousy about this person or commodity.

To see a crocodile egg in your dream denotes that your relative will take refuge in you because of his/her desperation and this person will live with you for a while.

To feed a crocodile in your dream implies that a person whom you were afraid of before will be afraid of you anymore.

To hunt, catch a crocodile or see an injured crocodile in your dream signifies that you will be seen as a reliable friend and port of refuge for your family and close friends.

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