Dream Meaning of Socks

To see socks in your dream forewarns you that you will loose some money but after a while you will earn it again.

To dream that you are wearing socks signifies important and good news, news which excites you.

To see that you are wearing socks with difficultly may represent that you will disagree with your spouse about a serious issue but you will reach the same decision at last.

To dream that you don’t find your socks suggests that there are people who are against you and you will struggle with them successfully.

To see that you are washing your socks in your dream signifies that you will eat in a beautiful place with your friends whom you haven’t come together for a long time.

To dream that you aren’t able to find one sock of a pair implies that you will eat with your spouse or partner in a romantic restaurant, then you will mention about good topics, funny incidents. Or perhaps the dream means that you will have a job regarding doctor but there is nothing to be afraid of.

To knit socks with woolen in your dream indicates that your luck will be with you in your jobs and each issue will be favorable.

To dream that after the sock is washed, it becomes smaller may represent that you should keep fit. Otherwise, your health will be bad.

To see that white socks get dirty in your dream may suggest that problems within family will disappear gradually and you should be patient about it.

To see of buying socks in your dream implies that your jobs will proceed without any problem and you will be relaxed because of this.

To see of selling socks in your dream indicates that you will be serious about the person who is in your life and engagement will happen as soon as possible.

Baby socks means that you should be careful about spending money during your journey.


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