Dream Meaning of Family

Dream Meaning of Family

Seeing your family in a dream symbolizes safety and goodness. It indicates that your life will be long and full of happiness. You will get past every obstacle on your way with help of your family and friends. Your business career will also be as good as it gets. To dream of your family means that you will have a perfect life except daily minor struggles.

Dreams of family may affirm or undermine "normal" feelings about ourselves. Extended family relations are very significant in developing the family lore and ritual. As you mature and reflect critically on normalcy in your understanding of it, these rituals either affirm or work against the norms of your perspective. Who does what, why and when is often determined by influences in the extended family. The result is that we construct a family story that defines who we are in our family and what our family means in the world around us.

To Dream Of Losing Someone From Family

To dream of losing someone from your family usually symbolizes a transformation, change or departure. This particular dream could represent the end of that family member's influence or control over the dreamer. Alternatively, the relative could be a symbol for part of the dreamer's own self that is undergoing a transition, such as graduation, job loss, relocation, etc.

To Dream Of Traveling With Your Family

To dream of traveling represents steady progress towards goals. Knowing what you want or where you are headed as you work towards it. Traveling may also reflect how easy or difficult you feel your life is as you work towards a goal. Consider the terrain or any obstacles you may be encountering.

To Dream Of A Family Friend

To dream of a family friend indicates that you are ignoring and purposely avoiding everything that is good for you and your relations. It symbolizes making bad choices willingly.

To Dream Of A Family Photo

Seeing a family photo in a dream mostly symbolizes dependence on the past. It indicates that no matter how happy you are at the moment, you still want to live in the past.

To Dream Of A Family Argument

Dreaming of a family argument symbolizes devastating and sad news.        


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