Dream Meaning of Silver

To see silver in your dream refers to a strong-minded man , a skillful and lady woman, getting rid of harm, going through hoops. The dreams including silver symbolize good news, happiness and celebration.

To see silver tray in your dream may represent that you will get magnificent achievements and by this way, countless opportunity doors will open for you.

To see of melting silver in your dream may represent that having power for a man, having a peaceful environment for a woman.

To see silver bracelet in your dream refers to good and happy news. Your prayer will be accepted. If you are married and dream a silver bracelet, this dream means that you will have a boy.

To see silver belt, hairpin or similar jewellery in your dream means that you will get married with a person whom you love. You will persuade your spouse if you are married. Alternatively, this dream is telling a powerless rival who continues to make opposition although many people who chose you and agree with you.

To see silver earring in your dream may represent that you will try to put across your opinions by participating in a polemic meeting. If the silver is bright, it means that you will put across your opinions. If the silver is dirty and pale, people who make opposition to your opinions won’t draw in their horns.

To see a silver ring in your dream means that you will confront a result which is under your expectancy. Alternatively, this dream denotes a young man who will bring material and spiritual relief to your family.

To see a silver necklace in your dream may represent that you are in the period of squandering in terms of financial issue.

To see of finding, counting or spending money which is made from silver or valuable metals in your dream signifies that you will compensate your harms, which you had before.

To see a silver vase, plate or ornament in your dream may indicate that you will have a test, which you overcome easily; there will be a person who tests you without realization.

To see silversmith, of buying and selling silver in your dream suggests that you will hear happy news, your fortune will open, and sometimes you will have a surprise relationship. Alternatively, this dream means that you will throw two persons together or cause that two persons will meet.

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