Dream Meaning of Mausoleum

Dream Meaning of Mausoleum

To see a mausoleum in a dream refers to cleanliness, good intentioned friend, tolerance. 

To visit a mausoleum in your dream indicates that you will be deceived by material world, go away from the spiritual life and this will push you into the gap slowly.

To pray in a mausoleum in your dream suggests that you will forgive a mistake and in return for this, you will compensate your harm quickly.

To see people who pray in a mausoleum in your dream indicates that a person who doesn't accept an injustice will come because s/he will acquit you.

To walk around the mausoleum in your dream refers to a person who waits a positive response from you but doesn't have the brass to do this.

To see the door of mausoleum in your dream implies that you will take an action about an issue which you couldn't act because of the spiritual and material deficiency. Alternatively, this dream tells fortune coming from good ways. A big mausoleum's door or window in a dream means having a house. If the mausoleum's door or window is small, it refers to money or valuable thing which you will have when least expected. 

 To tie a clot, make a vow in the mausoleum in your dream may imply that your will will happen. If another person makes a wish in the mausoleum, a person who likes you prays for you.  

To see an abandoned mausoleum having the rubbish in your dream denotes that you will get away from the trouble by means of an ability you learned from a person, a goods or a document.

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