Dream Meaning of Shelf

To see a shelf in your dream indicates that you will have peace and harmony, you will have a friend who helps you.

To see that you clean a shelf in your dream denotes that you will put some distance between someone who bother you and you will make your life regular.

To see an empty shelf in your dream signifies that there are people who imitate you and want to be like you.

To see a broad and big shelf in your dream symbolizes that you have a lot of reliable people in your environment and thus you won’t feel alone in your works. If the shelf is small and narrow, you will handle with your works on your own and you will turn in on yourself because of unreliable people in your environment.

To see that a shelf is made of steel or glass in your dream represents that you will be successful and because of this you will be given consequence to community.

To see a dusty shelf in your dream may imply that there will be people who want to slander you because they envy your prestige but they won’t be successful.

To see that you arrange a shelf or you put something to a shelf in your dream denotes that you will have profit from a partnership, you will have a good relationship with a person whom you meet.

To see messy shelfs in your dream indicates that a person whom you trust shows an unexpected behavior but then you will understand that this behaviour is made for your goodness.

To see that you paint a shelf in your dream implies that if you are married, you will have a child who is promising and benefit mother and father; if you are single ,you will meet a spouse who makes you happy.

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