Dream Meaning of Photograph

To dream that you take a photograph indicates that you will have issues related to secrets. Alternatively, this dream means that you will learn your close friend’s secret coincidentally. You will have a secret which you will share with people in the photograph but this secret will appear as soon as possible.

If there is nobody in the photograph you took, it means that a secret which you are afraid of emerging will stay in your mind forever.

To dream that a person takes your photograph indicates that this person taking your photograph rumors about you. If you don’t know or see the person taking the photograph, it indicates that you will learn a bad habit of a person from your family.

To look at a photograph or photo album in your dream may signify that you will accept your fault by criticizing yourself about a problem with your friends.

If the people in the photograph smile in your dream, it means that they know your secrets. If they cry or don’t have any gesture, it indicates that they rumor about you.

To see an animal in the photograph may represent that your friends will realize your secret which you are afraid of revealing. Apart from your friends, nobody will know this secret.

To burn, tear the photograph in your dream suggests that you will hear a gossip related to the person in the photograph but you don’t pay attention to this. To dream that it is indefinite to see what they are in the photograph may represent that there is unreasonable news which you will hear about your relative.



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  1. Hey. I currently had a dream that I took a picture of two girls. They were blurry, but I had a sense that they were my twin sister, and step-sister. They were also in front of an outdoor stage after a rock concert. I’m currently having trust issues with them, because they had done some bad things that I never thought they would do, and I’ve also been paranoid about it too 🙁 I was also feeling hesitant while taking the pictures, and remembering feeling upset by thinking that they were so bad, but the girls thought they were great pictures. They had straight smiles and didn’t move much too.

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