Dream Meaning of Sahlep (Milk and orchid roots hot drink)

To see sahlep in a dream means that you have thoughts related to eternity life, raise your spiritual life and take steps for this.  

To drink sahlep in your dream indicates that you will do jobs regarding religion or go to pilgrimage. If you drink cupful sahlep in your dream, it symbolizes the peace of inner world and favor which will be done for this, money which will be spent, donation, helping a person who needs.

To see of buying sahlep in your dream may represent that you will take clear paper from a public institution, hear good news or your journey will be good.

To see of selling sahlep in your dream indicates news which you will hear from your relative whom you haven't seen for a long time, taking invitation from this person or a friend or relative whom you will come together with for a job.

To pour sahlep in your dream means that you take a gift, make somebody happy. If you pour sahlep deliberately, you will have a valuable commodity.

To see cinnamon on sahlep in your dream signifies the beginning of friendship or steps such as engagement, marriage.

To offer sahlep in your dream implies that your asset which brings income like property will increase, be valued or a field will come by means of heritage.

To collect sahlep in your dream may indicate that your sayings will be listened, you will be respected, be a reputable person and people will accumulate around you. Also, you will reach a high status as soon as possible and take promotion.

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