Dream Meaning of Rosebay

To see a rosebay in a dream refers to growth and proliferation. 

To see rosebay flowers in a dream signifies the growth of your family and job. If the colours of rosebay flowers are red, pink or orange in your dream, it refers to a baby who will join your family. If you see yellow rosebay flower in your dream, it signifies a person who will join your family with marriage. If the rosebay flowers are white in your dream, it means that your relative will move to your house. If you see rosebay flowers with different colours in your dream, it symbolizes a temporary guest.

To see a rosebay tree in a dream means the growth in your job. If the tree is big in your dream, it indicates that by growing your job too much, you will take part in different job branches.

To see rosebay tree without flowers in your dream denotes that you will grow your job with bad gain.

To see rosebay flowers on the ground in your dream represents that you will give jobs to many people by growing your job and you will start to be beneficial to the environment.

To see of eating rosebay flower in your dream may suggest that by having conflicts with your family in your job, you will continue your job as you are separate from them.

To give a rosebay flower in your dream means that you will grow your job by taking a co-partner. If you take a rosebay flower from a person, it signifies that by having material and spiritual support from a person, you will grow your business.


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