Dream Meaning of Conspiracy

To dream of a conspiracy suggests that you are deceiving others or being deceived by someone. Review your friends and people you are involved with. These people may also represent some parts of yourself and this interpretation implies that you are lying to yourself.

To see conspiracy in the dream, means that you are a person who are being envied by other people thanks to the successful and profitable work that you have shown in his work life, the happiness in the family life and your career which is full of successes. This person will be exposed to very troubled and difficult situations by those people and  therefore needs to pay more attention to himself/herself and his loved ones, otherwise suffering situations would be happened soon.

To organize a conspiracy in your dream means that the problems because the problems will be occured due to the malicious people, despite the precaution taken and the few attempts have been given and but you will fall into very difficult situations and will be frustrated in family life. These problems will be solved by the help and support of the loved ones in the end.

To see yourself as becoming an Assassin in your dream indicates that you will confront with debates, troubles even the necessary steps taken. These issues will remain in fog of perpetuity, and thus unwanted events will happen, the separation with a loved one will be experienced.  At the same time, it is necessary to pay close attention to the material problems in the near future.

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