Dream Meaning of Rice

To see rice in a dream means that you will earn reputation, get a promotion or have abundant daily bread and money. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that the amount of rice symbolizes money you will earn. If you see rice in your hand or play with rice in your dream, it denotes that you will reach a regular income.

To see of buying or taking rice in your dream may represent that you will receive a recompense for your works as soon as possible. If you sell or give rice in your dream, it indicates that you will provide interest yourself by means of a fake way.

To see meal made with rice or you eat rice pilaf in your dream signifies that you will pay some amount of money for a job regarding public institution.

To see of eating raw rice in your dream means that you will reach a knowledge or property which everyone spends too much money for.

To dream that you weigh rice may suggest that you will be happy by being given consequence to in a crowded environment.

To dream that you see rice piece by piece, count rice pieces, shell rice may imply that you will rely on impossible job and when you give up this job, this job will be concluded positively as a result of a surprise.

To see rice field, rice warehouse in your dream refers to a valuable inheritage which will come from your relative whom you didn’t meet before.

To dream that you collect, harvest rice or rice is harvested indicates that you will miss an important opportunity because you didn’t behave sociably.

To see that you plant rice or rice is planted in your dream may represent that you will earn brownie points by showing your abilities in an environment which you participate in because of environment pressure.

To see that you carry rice in your dream means that you will have a life with halal gain without bad things in your next life.

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