Dream Meaning of Radar

To see radar in your dream indicates that you will have a fire and an accident.

To see that radars are immobile in your dream denotes that there will a fire which is extinguished fast in immediate surroundings. If this radar is mobile and moving toward the right, left, up, down, there will have a fire which gives rise to little damages by spattering around. If this radar is fast, your problem will disappear fast.

To dream that the radar has digital indicator or functions, make an electronic sound implies that you will do harm to a person who doesn’t like you and cheats on you because you learn a trick towards you incidentally.

To see a radar station in your dream signifies that a person whom you don’t like will have an accident and you will be happy. This person won your hate because of his/her earlier behavior and in spite of this accident, you won’t forgive him/her.

To see that you are caught by the radar in your dream represents that a person who does something behind your back won’t do harm to you by having misfortunes.

To see that you run away from radar in your dream may represent that there will be a fire in your immediate surroundings or you will rescue someone who gets harm because of a disaster.

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