Dream Meaning of Rice (Pilaf)

To see rice in a dream refers to continuation, trust, stability and guarantee. If you see bulgur or pilaf with rice in your dream, it denotes that you will have a regular and satisfying income. Alternatively, this dream tells that you will be in a high status in a public institution or you will be privileged by a person whose status is high.

To dream that you are eating rice or meal made from rice or bulgur may represent that you will pay some amount of tax to the state because of heritage or promotion and reach money.

To see that you cook rice in your dream means that you will guarantee the future of your family, the amount of people who respect you will increase.

To distribute rice in your dream may indicate that you will give your old commodities to the people who need in order to renew your personal things. If you take from rice which is distributed for goodness, it refers to financial support which you take from your rich relative.

To see of buying rice in your dream indicates that you will make a friendship with a reliable person and you will be very successful with this friend.

To see that you sell rice in your dream suggests that you will buy a more profitable property by selling a commodity or property which provide regular income to you.

To see meat, chicken, bean over rice in your dream means that thanks to your achievements, you will get high income and by not contenting yourself with these successes, you will make new attempts and be more successful.

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