Dream Meaning of Glue

Dream Meaning of Glue

To see glue in your dream shows a fear of being caught in some circumstances and not being able to get rid of it. You have a fear of association to people and a common doubt of individuals around you. On the other side, you may demanding too much attention. But, it refers that you are holding on to wrong people to trust.

Alternatively, the dream can also mean bad eye. You can feel constantly restricted by your spouse, feel a lot of pressure on your shoulders and that you will have troubles due to the questioning of everything and that the tension in the house will negatively affect the children. Also it can symbolize a tax debt from the past or legal payment that is not paid back on time which will cause you to live a great deal of trouble in the future.

Dream interpretation of sticking something with glue

To dream that you are sticking something together with glue suggests that you are putting together the perspectives of yourself and recognizing the ones which were already refused previously. Then again, the dream may be a allegory for a sticky circumstance.

To see glue which is sticked onto your hand denotes that staying in unfavorable situations, getting into a fight with someone, starting up a business which will cause problem or the ongoing business problems. It is also interpreted as the dream owner's business plans will break off because of the bad news that s/he will hear soon. The staying of glue in hand is also a manifestation of problems that will last for many years, problems that the person will have difficulty in solving and in need of support from his/her close friends and family members.

The psychological interpretation of glue

Glue in the dreams refers to the people  who are always obsessed with their thoughts, who are extremely upright, unable to perceive and judge things objectively, and who are constantly show selfish behaviors. This dream also can mean that the social relations of this person weakened because of the which s/he surrounded around himself/herself. And these people are generally show overly prescriptive and oppressive attitudes towards the opposite gender.


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