Dream Meaning of Rhinoceros

To see a rhinoceros in your dream symbolizes a strong administrator and using more power than needed. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will be helped by a person whose status is high, you will meet with an important statesman.

To see that a rhinoceros is chasing you, you are escaping from a rhinoceros in your dream may suggest that you will work with a rude and ungracious executive. A person who puts up a fight and struggle with a rhinoceros will realize his/her own abilities after a difficult test.

To see of riding a rhinoceros in your dream may imply that by learning the deficiency of an authoritative person, you will obligate this person to act towards the direction which you want.

To see a white rhinoceros in your dream signifies a powerful person who has weakness towards you.

To see a baby rhinoceros in your dream may indicate that a person who treats you as a kick in the teeth will be in need of you and want your help.

To dream that you hunt or kill a rhinoceros means that you will show patience towards a rude and bad-tempered. After a while, you will get rid of the impact of a person, you will be an executive or boss of this person.

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