Dream Meaning of Poppy

To see a poppy in a dream refers to love and excitement. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will fall in love a person who is younger than you or you will get attention by a young person.

To dream that you collect a poppy may indicate that your dreams related to your love life will happen and you will have a happy relationship.

To dream that a poppy loses its leaves may refer to an attractive but capricious partner or spouse. If you dream that the leaves of poppy come down, it means that you will succeed to say your feelings to the person whom you couldn’t say your feelings and find a positive response.

To see a poppy field or a lot of poppies together in your dream implies that you will reach your goals, start to run towards new and bigger targets by reaching your targets easily.

To dream that poppies stick on your body, face and hand suggests that many people will watch you with great attention, your unlucky jobs will be all right and be in luck.

To see dried, dead or pale poppy in your dream symbolizes a person who doesn’t find an attention from you although s/he attaches more importance to you.

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