Dream Meaning of Police

To see a police in a dream refers to affairs of state and political issues. If you see a lot of police in your dream, it means that you will be loved in your environment and everyone will wait for you to be leader in a community.
To see that you escape from the police in your dream symbolizes civil servant. You will work for the state. If you see that as you escape from the police, you aren’t able to run in your dream, it indicates that you will do a job regarding state.

To see that a police runs after the guilty in your dream refers to a cruel executive, intolerant boss or undutiful child.

To become a police in your dream implies that you will have a status and be good for your family and environment.

To dream that a police catches and arrests you may denote that you will be persuaded about an issue which your family wants but you don’t want.

To see a police station in your dream signifies an election which will be done in your country.

To see a police car in your dream may indicate that you will start a family and work for the state.

To dream that you call the police suggests that you will undertake a job which nobody expects and everyone will be surprised. A favourable impact will emerge with your job.
To see a police uniform in a dream refers to a paper coming from the state and good news.

To dream that you are speaking with a police suggests that you will hear that your relative will start a job.

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