Dream Meaning of Pitcher

Dream Meaning of Pitcher

Seeing a pitcher in the dream takes on a favorable property, a halal thing, and the most beautiful of all it is said to be a glorious event to be experienced in person’s life. It is rumored that to see a pitcher in the dream means being in abundance, always to gain efficiency from work, not to suffer from lack of livelihood and to not get sick. It is said to meet with the bounties of God and to benefit from his blessings as he wishes.

Seeing Silver Pitcher in the Dream

Seeing a silver pitcher in a dream suggests that the dreamer will get rid of his troubles and debts, that his life will pass with successes and he wins everything, that he will succeed in every job and that his enemies and opponents will not reach him.

Collect Pitchers in the dream

It is reported that the person who sees the dream receives the most favorable and the greatest charity on this issue, because he or she helped almost every person around him/her to do charity and sacred charity in the way of right.

Seeing the Churn in the Dream

Seeing the churn in the dream reveals that the dreamer will have a chance to be very big, unique and important. He or she will be very fortunate in this regard in order to attain the goals that the dreamer would like to achieve. At the end of this journey he/she will be happy forever.

Seeing Cruse in a dream

To see a cruse in the dream means that the lady who serves the men at home or it is said to be the assistant of a lady. It symbolizes the existence of a woman who is beautiful, and who is able to turn life around, who is capable, intelligent, moral, beautiful and mature.


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