Dream Meaning of Attic

Dream Meaning of Attic

Any part of a house usually represents a part of yourself (you are the house). The attic symbolizes the higher self or your higher subconscious mind self. The self that is in contact with the eternal. It may symbolize the total summation of your life's work. The attic may predict how well you will do in old age. If the attic is full, it may imply that you are accomplishing wonderful things, and are living up to your potential in this lifetime.

Seeing an attic in your dreams suggests that the current troublesome situation and the negative impacts of these situations on the person, the events leading up to the upset, and the conflicts in personal relationships will improve and things will start to get better.

This dream announces that the ruined sleeping order, inner troubles and pessimistic thoughts will end and it signs the days when there will be happier and better developments and the hard days are passing and you are overcoming this troubles. It relieves you from all the obstacles in order to give the requests of the person at the end of the patience, and that the person who walks his path without losing his belief will be able to fulfil his wishes directly and easily in the field of business. It also means that an unexpected business opportunity will make you and the people around you happy and excited, as the attic means to get positions and make a career.

Jumping Over the Attic In Your Dream

This dream is a portent of bad results. The one had this dream is going to be disappointed and makes plans that will cause great frustrations, will be saddened and is jumping into every opportunity without thinking whether if this opportunity bring him good or bad results. Romance relations tend to increase in the problems experienced, rather than finding a solution to change the attitude of the person and overly aggressive behaviour may bring about the point where it is the end of the relationship. It is also underlined that the person is warned about being constructive and rescuing the current situation from getting worse, should not be acting hastily.

Dream Of Staying In The Attic

This dream represents the matter of difficulties in which you are facing, you will take a right attitude towards the situation and wait patiently for the troubles to resolve without disturbing the position but never in a hurry, and you will be able to show this patience by using your mind and intelligence in a right way. The dream which expresses the right behaviour and the continuance of this attitude also means that one has to use energy properly and avoids selfish behaviour and needs to act by finding out the right time. This dream tells you that your thoughts will become clearer, will meet expectancies and desires more accurately, and it also shows that you know exactly what you want and you will act accordingly.

Psychological Interpretation Of Seeing An Attic In Your Dream

It refers to the fact that those who see themselves in ivory towers, who only think of themselves and behave extremely selfishly, are in fact ill-tempered and unhappy.



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