Dream Meaning of Pimple (Acne)

To see pimple in a dream denotes that you will get rid of the troubles, face with your fears, have shown off.

To see your face with full of pimples in your dream indicates that your chance will open, you will start a relationship which will be envied, start to save money after you finish your debts.

To dream that there are some pimples in your face signifies that your expectancies will fulfill and you will put yourself bigger and new targets.

To see pimple in somewhere of your body except your face in a dream denotes that there will be a pain or disease which will emerge in an area where pimple appears but this pain will disappear quickly.

To see a person who has pimple in your dream suggests that you have a friend who gets on very well with you because of utilizing from your environment, power and money. You shouldn't trust this person.

To dream that you are popping a pimple indicates that you will announce your relationship you hide to your friends. If you are single, you will take a marriage offer or offer marriage. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will confront with a surprise which your family hides from you and you will be very happy with when you learn.

To see blood from a pimple in your dream suggests that you will find a new exit in an issue which you lost hope for. If you see suppuration from a pimple in your dream, it means that problems will disappear, misunderstandings will reveal.

To see a caterpillar in the pimple in your dream may suggest that you will get a valuable property, have a valuable commodity which you get by means of heritage from your relative or your chance.

To dream that you pluck pimples and have a pain indicates that you will beat your enemies by facing them. If you don't feel pain as you pluck pimple, it means that you have a secret enemy whom you see as a friend but who bears hostility towards you.

To see of cutting the pimple with a knife or a sharp thing in your dream means that you will behave unfairly to your close friend for your own interest.

To see pimple on your sexual organ in your dream may suggest that you will spend too much for magnificence, people even your friends will envy your possessions.

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