Dream Meaning of Peanut Tree

To see a peanut tree in a dream refers to problems about health.

To see of climbing a peanut tree in your dream indicates that as long as you don’t pay attention to yourseld, your health problems will increase and you should be careful about this.

To dream that you cut a peanut tree indicates that you will overcome your health problems successfully and your family will contribute to this too much.

To collect peanuts from a peanut tree may represent that you will make too much efforts in order to protect your health and  these efforts will work, your health will be fine for a long time.

To see of watering a peanut tree in your dream indicates that you will give advise to your friend about his/her health problem sor s/he will want your help.

To dream that you are sitting or sleeping under a peanut tree refers to a death or a serious disease. This ill person will be one of your family or relatives.

To see that a peanut tree topples in your dream indicates that you will upset for the health issue of your relative but your relative will recover soon.

To see that a peanut tree dries in your dream forewarns you that you should do some exercises and take care of yourself.

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