Dream Meaning of Hazelnut

Dream Meaning of Hazelnut

To see hazelnut in a dream refers to pleasure, enjoyment and display.

To see of eating hazelnut in your dream indicates that you will go on a holiday with your spouse or family. If you eat hazelnut by cracking the shell in your dream, it refers to a holiday which you will go on to a distant place. If you eat a hazelnut without shell, it signifies that you will go on a holiday which is short term and close to your environment.

Hazelnut paste in a dream implies that you will buy a thing related to your comfort to your home.

To see hazelnut on its bough in your dream suggests that you will buy a big and valuable commodity to yourself. It also refers to an efficient garden.

To see a lot of hazelnuts in your dream indicates that you will take a lot of time and money for entertainment.

To see nutshells in your dream may represent that you won't go on a holiday which you have planned for a long time.

To dream that you see hazelnuts in the plate refers to money which you will have after a bad event.

To dream that everybody is eating hazelnut in a crowded place indicates that you won't use an opportunity as a result of a wrong decision. If you eat hazelnut together with the crowd, it signifies a good offer which will be presented because of one of your favors.

To dream that you are carrying hazelnut indicates that you take many people's responsibility. If you carry hazelnut with your hand, it refers to a responsibility regarding business. If you carry it with a sack, it symbolizes a responsibility regarding people whom you have to look after.

To dream that you are eating nut desert or meal may suggest that you will have a journey which you enjoy and get easily thanks to your relative.

To see that hazelnut drops from its bough in your dream symbolizes a period which products are abundant in.

To see of collecting hazelnuts in your dream may imply that you will save money for a while and spend this saving money for beautifying your home.


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