Dream Meaning of Pastry

Dream Meaning of Pastry

To see pastry in a dream refers to valuable commodities and important decisions.

To eat pastry in your dream indicates that you will make a decision about your business life and this decision will concern your family.

To see of buying pastry in your dream signifies that you will be successful in a short period thanks to one of your relatives.

To see of selling pastry in your dream indicates that you will help a person who has financial problems and this person will do a favour.

To make pastry in your dream may represent that you will have a commodity thanks to your savings. Also it refers to a valuable commodity. If your friend makes pastry in your dream, it refers to a package, document or money which your friend will send.

To make pastry by yourself in your dream indicates that you will be a property owner but you will sell this property as soon as possible.

To dream that you fry or cook pastry symbolizes the increase of your earnings and you will overcome your financial problems thanks to these earnings.

To see pastry in the oven in your dream implies that bad events and conditions which you have with your friends will come to an end and your relationships with them will be better than the past.

To slice or cut pastry in your dream refers to a good person or good money, property.

To see fresh pastry in your dream symbolizes an increase in your business life. To see stale pastry in your dream indicates that you will help one of your relatives financially.
To see hot pastry in your dream indicates that the barriers in front of you will disappear.

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