Dream Meaning of Palm

Dream Meaning of Palm

To see palm in a dream may represent that you will have a journey, send a message, threaten.

To see a palm tree in your dream indicates that you will spread fear with your power and impact in your environment. People avoid to try your works because they are afraid of failing.

To dream that the leaves of palm are big and large means that the warning against a person who makes you angry will be very strict.

To see a lot of palms in your dream refers to travels which you will have in series.

To see of planting a palm tree in your dream implies that you will make a long term plan and hide your intention. You will seem different. If another person plants a palm tree in your dream, it symbolizes a friend whose intention is a secret and who does something behind your back.

To see that you are climbing to the palm tree in your dream may indicate that you will act as the opposite of your sayings and you will make people surprised because of this.

To see a felled or broken palm in your dream signifies that you should soften your rules about some issues. People will refrain from approaching you because of your tough attitudes.

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