Dream Meaning of Packing Luggage

Dream Meaning of Packing Luggage

To see that you are packing a luggage in your dream suggests that you will go on a journey. This journey is important for your life, you will feel either upsetting or blessed in the end of this trip. Also, to pack your case for a journey in your dream represents that you are preparing for a trip for long time.

Alternatively, the dream meaning of packing a suitcase is a sign of responsibility or a burden. You will feel yourself under pressure because of some responsibilities. You might need to get rid of these burdens.   

Dreaming with a luggage

To dream of luggage is a sign of leading a fast life. The dream interpretation of luggage symbolizes that you are behaving in a hurry in your life. Also it suggests that you will get excited with some glad news. But you may be disappointed from time to time.

Besides, dreaming about a baggage may be a sign of a trip. This trip will make you feel happy and excited and you will have good experiences.  

To dream of airplane

The dream interpretation of airplane symbolizes your struggles to achieve your goals. It indicates that you will reach your aims comfortably and without any difficulties.  To see that you are flying is a good symbol for your wishes.  Alternatively, airplane in your dream may be interpreted as your control over your life.

The dream interpretation of trip

To see that you are travelling in your dream suggests that your feelings are complicated and you are confused. For example, against an event firstly you are feeling glad and then you are getting angry. Your attitude or position is so variable that this manner bothers both yourself and people around. Your variable behaviours may arise from jealousy or adoration.

Dream meaning of carrying a luggage

To see that you are carrying a luggage in your dream represents problems in your life. You may break with your beloved, a friend or a person in your family. You will feel very upset due to this separation. If you dream that you are carrying another person’s luggage, then it may symbolize that people around you will move away and you will feel lonely.   


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