Dream Meaning of Electric

Dream Meaning of Electric

Seeing electric in a dream symbolizes bracing up, a clear mind, and taking care of your healt.

Electric shock in a dream indicates that you will make firm the most key part of an event you find unreasonable and you will meet one of your close friens that make you happy.

Seeing someone is  shocking symbolizes somebody that  although he deceives and tells you lie again and again you wanna believe him.

Cutting electric in a dream indicates that you will not set out a journey you want a lot because of your health problem but you will spend this time with a activity that you will take pleasure.

Seeing electric wire in a dream symbolizes a love that will be lived forever ,seeing electric pylon in a dream symbolizes excitability  with a new that will be received from an old friend or lover.

Someone lording it over electric in a dream indicates that he will stack the deck while trying to overcome his enemy and injure his health. To use electric as a means of weapon in dream indicates that you will push your weakness rival out using overmuch power.

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