Dream Meaning of Wool

Dreaming wool indicates good things. In dreams, wool is often associated with money. It is said that if you dream about wool, you fully deserve having good things in your life, since you are a trustworthy, dependable and virtuous person who will not avoid the responsibilities and will always give effort. Dreaming of yourself while covered in wool suggests an increased income. Wearing wool clothes indicates financial problems and debt. Dreaming of wool furnitures like rugs, pillows etc. are beneficial and indicates a happy family and a loving spouse.

Wool Thread (Yarn)

Dream interpretation of the wool thread is wealth. It suggests that you will earn a lot of money and you will notice an increase of your income. Dreaming about a wool yarn ball indicates that you may have a fortune in the future.

Selling Wool

Selling wool in your dream is interpreted in two way: While dreaming about selling wool in a cold, wintery, rainy or a snowy weather indicates new job opportunities and increased earnings, dreaming of selling wool in a hot, clear sunny day suggests having drawbacks in life and being under pressure.

Wool Mattress

Dreaming of a wool mattress symbolizes plentifulness. Since it also signifies the happiness, love, respect and companionship between spouses, ultimately it indicates to the happy days in the future. It also suggests that you will save up some money and you will make the right decisions for the future. While it suggests a financial increase, it also means you can achieve your goals by making use of your abilities and determination. Another interpretation of wool mattress is building a happy family.

Washing Wool

Washing wool in your dream suggests indecisiveness and spontaneity. It indicates that you will fluctuate between different decisions and mindsets. It also suggests that you will have a sudden marriage, or you will enter an unexpected relationship. If you are the one who’s washing the wool in your dream, this indicates that you will be fortunate and you will travel to new places often.

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