Dream Meaning of Willow

Dreaming of a willow tree generally indicates disloyalty and being ungrateful. It suggests that you will break a close one’s heart by being inconsiderate and being indifferent regarding important situations. It is important not to act impulsive and be more thoughtful and considerate before what you say to others. This type of dream is often associated with losing relationships and friends.

Cutting a Willow Tree

Cutting a willow tree in your dream is interpreted as burning bridges, and regretting it later. It indicates that you will cut a person from your life who’s always been helpful and kind to you, and suggests that you will regret this decision later, probably when it is too late. It is important not to misjudge people and not to jump into conclusions before everything is clear, and keep the friends who’s always showed you the light when you were in complete darkness.

Planting a Willow Tree

Dreaming about planting a willow tree signifies that you will take initiative in a very beneficial job, and you will get the benefit that you’re expecting as a result. It is regarded as a lucky dream. If the seed immediately becomes a grown willow, it suggests fortune. However, if the seed grows as another tree, it’s interpreted as losing money from your investment.

Willow Branch

A willow branch symbolizes oversight and misunderstanding. It’s interpreted as doing a mistake resulting in heartbreaks and disappointment, only because a great misunderstanding. It points to your rash and insensitive personality. It may also suggest that you’re a compulsive liar.

Weeping Willow

Dreaming about a weeping willow in your dream suggests that you will meet a kind, emotionally mature and well-behaved person and you will learn a lot from them. It also indicates that this person will help you greatly on your troubles and difficulties in your life.

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