Dream Meaning of Wizard

Dreaming of a wizard is not good and it symbolizes danger. It suggests that you might have enemies that you aren’t aware of. Those people with ulterior motives around you may try to hinder your abilities at your work because of their jealousy. It implies that you’re surrounded with harmful people who are trying to pulling you into their destructive world. This type of dream alternatively suggests that you will take some important decisions secretly, without telling them to anyone, which will later be revealed to the people around you anyway. Another interpretation of this dream is being disappointed by someone who you care about.

Being a Wizard

Being a wizard in your is interpreted as you might break someone’s heart by being inconsiderate and rude. After the realization of your mistake, you’ll try to make things up and apologize to that person. It is advised that you should try to be more careful with your words than usual around this time period. Being a witch in your dream may point to your fears and worries.

Dream Meaning of Wizard Man

Dreaming of a wizard man indicates that you have a competitive relationship between a male coworker. It is important to keep an eye on the said person, since it might be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” situation. It is possible that the person is trying to mentally wear you with their behaviour.

Dream Interpretation of Wizard Woman

Dreaming about a wizardess is not much different than dreaming of a male wizard. It suggests that you’re surrounded with some people who will gain joy by your failures, mistakes and sadness. It suggests that you should keep an eye out for damaging people in your social circle.

Talking to a Wizard

Talking to a wizard in your dream points to your interest in astrology. Not only the interest, it might also indicate to your ability and talent to read horoscopes. It suggests that you will get into hobbies including horoscopes and tarot card reading. These hobbies will ultimately bring you joy and peace.

Dream Meaning of Visiting a Wizard

Interpretation of visiting a wizard in your dream suggests that you’ll experience bad fortune and you’ll be out of luck for some time. Your ordinary life will meet some bumps and obstacles which will stress you out and will suck your happiness. It is advised that you keep a positive mood in this time period.

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