Dream Meaning of Witch

Dreaming of a witch is interpreted as unfairness and bad fortune. It implies that you will be blamed for a crime you didn’t commit and you will be used as an escape goat. This will affect your life negatively and will result in sadness. It is also said that you will be misunderstood about an action that you’ve made with good intentions. It suggests that you will try to explain yourself about all the misunderstandings and you will try to prove that you’re innocent.

Dream Interpretation Being a Witch

Being a witch in your dream may point to your fears and worries rooted deep in your memories. It might be about your phobias, or about childhood traumas. It indicates that you will be in an anxious and depressive state of mind for some time. It also indicates that you should seek professional help regarding your mental health issues.

Witch Woman

Dreaming about a witch woman represents evil and destruction. It indicates getting into bad and dirty business that you should avoid from. It also suggests that the dreamer will be part of a gossip that is not real. It indicates that you should stop spending time with corrupt, harmful and bad people around you.

Killing a Witch

Killing a witch in your dream suggests that you will get rid of evil-minded, corrupt people around you. It means that you will find better, actual kind people to spend time with. It implies that the people around you right now are affecting your life negatively with their jealous, destructive behaviour and you should stop spending time with them.

Talking to a Witch

Talking to a witch signifies that you will chase pointless dreams, worthless causes in your life. It means that you will see no benefit from these actions. It implies that the dreamer will be blinded by some fake happiness that will fade quickly. It is said that you should pursue more worthy causes and think about your decisions more.

Witches’ Broom

Dreaming of a witch’s broom indicates that you will feel happy and tranquil as if you’re above all of the clouds after the good news you’ll hear. It also implies that you’ll be very lucky in upcoming days. Riding a witches’ broom is interpreted as an easy-going, carefree life. It also symbolizes being an intuitive person.

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