Dream Meaning of Thawing

The dream meaning of thawing represents that you are warming to someone who you weren’t sure about at first. Thawing may be a sign of warming to a situation or idea. You will start to become interested in an idea which you didn’t think about before. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you will bring up some of your ideas from the past.

To see that it is beginning to thaw and the snow started to melt in your dream suggests that you may have an accident. It may be a sign of a financial loss, too. The dream is a kind of warning which you should take into consideration in the following days.

The dream interpretation of thawing food suggests that you usually repress your feelings and don’t want to express them. You may give up controlling some of your feelings and may face them.

The dream of snow

To dream with snow is usually a good symbol. It indicates that a good thing will happen, you will recover if you have an illness or you will get good news. The dream interpretation depends on the season and how you see snow in your dream. If you see snow in your dream in winter, it represents you will be merciful because of some improvements in your life. For example, you will overcome many difficulties including your competitors.

However, if you see the dream in spring or summer when it is not expected to snow, the dream interpretation may carry a negative sign. You or one of your relatives may catch an illness. A project or travel which has been already scheduled may be canceled. If the snow melts quickly in your dream, then it indicates that you will deal with all your problems in a short time.

The dream interpretation of ice

Ice in your dream suggests that you will leave behind some difficulties such as financial or health problems. To see that the ice is thawing also indicates that you will have good days. Hostilities will come to an end.

Ice may also signify bad symbols. Some news will make you unhappy and depressive. If you are walking on the ice in your dream, that represents that you don’t think about the consequences of situations or when you make a decision. So, you are impatient in your life, which harms you. For this reason, you face many problems.

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