Dream Meaning of Children

If you are nursing young children, a person who is very close to you can trick and cheat you.  

A sick child is a bad sign.

If you’re playing with kids in your dreams, it shows that you’re not happy in your job.

Being parents of a beautiful child tell you to be attentive to your family.

A baby or child in a dream can indicate a variety of meanings. For instance, dream interpretation can vary depending on whether the dream child is a girl or a boy. Therefore, we must able to interpret our dreams carefully.

Dream Meaning of a Little Boy

We can often interpret the dream of seeing a child as the realization of something we have long been waiting.  A single girl’s dream of seeing a boy is interpreted as a marvelous marriage in her life.

Seeing have a boy in the dream of someone who has a poor experience in his business life, it shows that someone will have a new career in his job. A boy in the patient person’s dream can be a sign to get well.

Although a little boy in a dream shows that gospel and joy, a woman carrying a little boy in her arms in her dream indicates that she will be upset and grief-stricken.  

A child with a beautiful smile can interpret as hearing good news.  

Seeing that she has given birth to a beautiful child show that success in business and will be respect at home.  

To see she has given birth to an ugly or a crying child in a dream refers to sadness, trouble, gloom.  

Seeing a boy has dirty clothes in a dream is an indication that soon someone will betray you. The person who will betray himself is likely to be near you.

Dream Interpretation of a Little Girl

It’s better to see a girl in a dream than to see the boy.  A little girl is a sign that abundance, enough earnings, and comfortable life. The dream of a man seeing his wife that given birth and has a little girl implies poverty will end, there will be a change for the better in his life. Kissing a baby girl in a dream is interpreted as achieving success. The dream of a person who carries a little girl in her arms means she will reach happiness, increase her reputation.

Seeing a little girl’s death is a sign that decreases of good things in life and the health will worsen.

A child bound in the cradle indicates imprisonment or sickness.

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