Dream Meaning of Tank

The dream meaning of tank suggests that you will face with a situation which is related to everyone around you. You may meet the ones who are influential in official affairs or work in government office. There may be some problems that you shouldn’t underestimate because these problems can cause bigger troubles and deteriorate your circumstances. Alternatively, to see a tank in your dream represents that there is someone who is arrogant, graceful and wealthy. This person is probably bulky and in your social circle.

Dreaming of a tank may be interpreted as your objectivity in mood. You don’t let your emotions act on the way of your decisions and you are able to stay impartial in your business or private life.

The dream interpretation of getting on a tank

To dream that your are getting on a tank implies that you will solve one of your problems with the help of a powerful person. This problem may be one which you have been struggling with for a long time although you did everything. The powerful person refers to one who is a high-ranking bureaucrat.

Dream of military tank

To dream with a military tank suggests an important decision. There is a situation which you have to study on carefully and seriously. This situation is a matter of vital importance. If it went your way, then you would feel as you were on top of the world. If you didn’t achieve it, it would be a big failure which affects your life.

Besides, to dream about a military tank means that you need to defend yourself against some unfriendliness but you feel that there is no choice except to put up with it. You will not let anything block your way toward your goals. Also, the tank in dream may be a sign of threat.

To dream about an armoured car

To see an armoured car in your dream represents safety. You are a powerful person in mentally, psychologically and financially. You are able to struggle with troubles, you don’t give up hope and you have self-confidence.

The dream meaning of jeep

Jeep in your dream shows that you will be very successful in your business and earn more money at work place. Maybe, you will get promotion. The dream also implies that you behave modestly and appreciate your salary, promotion and title although you are very wealthy and powerful.

If you dream that you are driving a jeep, that means that you will obtain everything you want and achieve all your goals in life. You are quite fussy and picky, which enables you to be successful.   

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