Dream Meaning of Eclipse

Seeing a lunar eclipse in a dream is usually not getting better. Moon and solar eclipse refers to a discomfort and distress to be experienced by a person. Sometimes, this dream in real life a beloved manager of the deceased or to be removed from his post; According to some scholars, it is interpreted as a slander for a good person.

Seeing the Moon in a Dream

The moon seen in the dream is interpreted in different ways. This dream sometimes leads to an authority, chairmanship and management to be reached by a person, to have a voice to serve a person, to reach a position that he will never reach, to a position he never hoped to reach, to the family of the person to be seen, to the family of the person, and a year that crosses by.

The struggle of the sun with the moon in the dream

In her dream, seeing the moon and the sun struggling with each other or fighting each other, two large people fighting around you, the degree of the two people to feed the hostility towards each other, sometimes fights between people, a two-faced person who breaks into society is interpreted.

Seeing the Bear in a Dream

A person who sees a bear or catches the dream, marries a very beautiful and auspicious woman. This dream is interpreted as a great success for you, to gain the appreciation and respect of everyone in your business life, to a year that is very fertile, to a year that will be abundant, to be happy and peaceful in every sense, to get rid of all the troubles and to the realization of all desires. Sometimes this is the sign of the dream promotion or assignment.

Bloody Lunar Eclipse in the Dream

The person who watches the bloody lunar eclipse in his dream is said to have missed the opportunity of his life and cannot evaluate the opportunity he has. These days you should be more careful and observer. You’re on the day when the auspicious opportunities come from your dream.

Seeing the Moonlight in a Dream

In the dream to see the moonlight, the dreamer will fall with the language and thus will experience the trouble that the dream owner struggles to make sure that nobody knows that a secret will be revealed now and will be said to suffer.

Seeing the Solar Eclipse in a Dream

In his dream, the person who sees the eclipse of the sun is interpreted as a clean job which will take place at the state gate. The dreamer will be happy to point to a happy event. He also points out that the dreamer is doing charity and his good deeds are very pleasing. According to some commentators, watching a solar eclipse in a dream indicates a fierce debate in the household of the dreamer.

Seeing Darkness in the Solar Eclipse in a Dream

Because of the eclipse in his dream, seeing as blackened is interpreted as the major problems that the dreamer will experience. It points to the news that the dreamer will get upset or to experience an event.

According to some commentators, seeing the darkness of the solar eclipse in the dream indicates that the dreamer needs to experience material and moral losses and support. It points to the dream owner falling into debt and suffering.

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