Dream Meaning of Talking

To dream that you are talking in your dream suggests that you are a good speaker and you have the art of public speaking. You will work by using your rhetorical power. You will speak in front of crowded groups and affect them with your talks. You will have the reputation. Alternatively, to dream about talking represents that you will earn a lot of money or gain profit which provide you with a comfortable life.

If you see that you are talking to a well-known person in your dream, then you are a kind of person who make decisions in your environment and lead your social circle.

Not be able to talk in dream

To see that you want to but not be able to talk  in your dream indicates that you don’t have time to do some of your works. This may be a speech with a friend, one of your goals or one of your dreams. You have limited time so you have postponed this thing for a long time. It seems that you will have to postpone it in the following days.

If you dream that you don’t want to talk, then it suggests that you don’t like talking to much in your real life. You prefer to listen to others and also you are a good listener. Alternatively your silence in real life may be related to ignorant people around you. You don’t want to make explanations to them because you know that they don’t understand what you mean. So, you usually choose to stay in silence.

The dream interpretation of chatting

To dream about chatting indicates that you are living a comfortable life and you have a clear conscience. You think that you don’t hurt the other’s feelings and you don’t make them offended. You are also a religious person and you are careful about the holy rules. You have a strong feeling of responsibility about society. In addition the dream represents that you are a powerful person in your social circle.

To dream with commenting

The dream about commenting is usually interpreted as a bad symbol. If you are commenting about something in front of someone, then it may be a sign of debate.  There will be important conflicts between you and people around you and this conflict may turn to arguments.

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