Dream Meaning of Tailor

To dream about tailor represents someone who is very supportive and understanding. This person is agreeable and on the side of goodness and beauty. S/he tries to make people who are offended peace. For instance, if there are siblings who have quarrel and are offended to each, this person do his / her best, listen to them and reconcile them. So, the dream interpretation of tailor illustrates good symbols.

The dream interpretation of being a tailor

To see that you are a tailor in your dream shows you have a good character. You approach all situations with a positive way and you are unbiased when you have to make a decision about events or people. You always declare your thoughts impartially, you announce all inequities and wrongdoings. The dream interpretation of being a tailor usually refers to the one who dreams but sometimes it may represent someone else. So, according to the other symbols in dream, being a tailor may show that you have a friend who is unbiased.

The dream with sewing

The dream about sewing indicates that you will achieve your goals and make your dreams true in the end. If you sew and obtain beautiful things in dream, you will be successful about what you want to achieve for a long time. It may be a project at work.
Alternatively, sewing in dream may be a sign about fixing something. You have some problems because of your wrongdoings in your real life and you are trying to correct your mistakes. To sew represents your attempts. If you are successful in your dream in sewing, then it means that you have right steps and you may compensate your mistakes. If you dream that you can’t sew, it may symbolize your unsuccessful attempts to correct your faults.

To dream about sewing a dress

The dream interpretation of sewing a dress implies that you will have a big quarrel. You will have an argument with your friends or family about a situation. You and other people will go on their way at the end of this conflict and you can’t be in the same environment.
On the other hand, if you see that you make a tailor sew your dress, it shows that you are a very religious person. You pray God every time and you try to obey holy law in every field of your life. 

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