Dream Meaning of Smoke

The dream meaning of smoke represents your negative feelings. For instance, your anxiety is rising depending on some unexpected situations. You are feeling worse day by day. The dream may be a warning for you. It tells you that you are getting into trouble step by step and you should be careful. Alternatively, the dream interpretation of smoke reflects complicated feelings. You don’t know what to think about people around you or situations that you are experiencing. So, you are questioning constantly. However, so many questions are bothering others.

To see that there is smoke in your kitchen indicates that you will have some difficulties while you are preparing something. This will be a project in the workplace, a speech that you will make in a conference or a plan that you want to implement. Smoke in the kitchen may symbolize an uncertain future.

Seeing black smoke

To dream about black smoke suggests that you will get into trouble and it won’t be easy to overcome the difficulties. You won’t be able to estimate the results of your decisions, you won’t be able to see forward and make plans. You won’t be able to investigate the situation properly. So, you will ask for help from other people although you don’t like it. On the other hand, black smoke may refer to bad news.

White smoke in your dream

The dream meaning of white smoke reflects that your feelings will make your mind cloudy. You should control your feelings to make the right decisions. Alternatively, white smoke symbolizes consensus or agreement. White smoke also signifies that you will get good news. This news will make you very happy.

Smoke in the house

To see that there is smoke in your house implies that you will have a quarrel with your family members. The dream also represents that there will be big problems in your family life and it will be difficult to solve those problems. If the smoke is getting darker, then the dream suggests that you may divorce.

Smoking in the dream

Smoking in the dream has different interpretations. Sometimes the dream symbolizes good luck and wealth. You will achieve your goals and have a comfortable life. You will make good decisions in your business and social life. On the other hand, smoking may reflect that you will work hard to be successful but you will fail.  

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