Dream Meaning of Smallpox

To dream about smallpox usually has a positive meaning. It may represent that your earnings will increase and you will have a more comfortable life. So, it denotes prosperity.

According to some interpretations, smallpox may illustrate that you will seize a good opportunity thanks to an unknown person’s help.

Alternatively, the dream interpretation of smallpox suggests that your debts. You will have to borrow money from your friends, from your family or the banks and you will have difficulties while repaying your debts.

To be stricken with smallpox

To dream that you are stricken with smallpox denotes that you will experience an unexpected event. If you see that smallpox is disappearing in your dream, then the dream represents that event will have good results for you and your family. To see dark smallpox on your skin represents that some situations will get worse in your life. Alternatively, having smallpox indicates that you will be rich unexpectedly.  

To see that people around you are stricken with smallpox in your dream may indicate that a shocking disease or contagion. Alternatively, the dream foretells you that you may not achieve your goals or you will face unexpected reactions. For instance, if you are a famous designer, your newest designs won’t attract people’s attention and this will confuse you.

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