Dream Meaning of Shaking Hands

Shaking hands in the dream means joy, happiness, and peace. This dream also indicates that one’s self-confidence will increase. People who see this dream get rid of a lot of trouble and evil in their lives and get profitable jobs. Shaking hands in the dream is interpreted as being commercially successful and gaining more money. It is implied that these dream owners will approach with positive thoughts against events.

Shaking Hands with Your Favorite Person in a Dream

Shaking hands with a loved one in the dream implies a close relationship with him or her and if they are not relatives, will begin to prepare for marriage. Shaking hands with the loved person in the dream also means founding strong friendship ties. It is interpreted that the person who sees this dream will be happy and enjoy positive activities.

Shaking Hands with the Boss

In a dream, shaking hands with the boss means that the person has a lot of success in business activities. It is interpreted that this person will strive to keep his future safe. At the same time, it indicates that the position and the authority in the short term will increase and being successful in the decision-making process.

Shaking Hands With a Dead

In the dream handshaking with the dead is interpreted as large amounts of debt, financial distress, to come to the point of bankruptcy. 

Shaking Hands With a Statesman

Shaking hands with statesman in the dream is interpreted as the person giving up the wrong and risky ways and trying to make his life more beautiful. Shaking hands with a person in the dream implies getting help from the person and getting requests easily.

Shaking Hands with the Prime Minister

The dream is to shake hands with the prime minister, the person will reach all kinds of desire without difficulty, will be interpreted to achieve absolute success. Shaking hands with the prime minister in the dream means taking part in state administration, accepting prayers and achieving all sorts of success.

Shaking Hands With A Woman In A Dream

Shaking hands with a woman in the dream indicates that you will find solutions to your problems and get healing for your diseases. Also, this dream mentions that you will discover new and alternative ways of gaining in business life.

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