Dream Meaning of Parents

To see parents in your dream signifies love, guidance and power. It may be a sign of your expression about your feelings concerning your parents. For instance, you may be afraid of losing your parents. Besides, dream meaning of parents suggests different aspects of your personality. If you dream about your friend’s parents, then the dream may imply your desire to have parents like them. In addition, to see that your parents died in your dream symbolizes that something in your relationship with your parents will change.

Dream interpretation of parents’ meeting

Dream meaning of parents’ meeting signifies that you have to deal with many problems in your business or private life. Although you will do everything and struggle too much to solve the problem, you can’t avoid negativities on your own. Someone will support you to tackle with the troubles. You will get out of difficulties with the help of this support.

To dream of guardian of a child   

To see a guardian of a child    in your dream represents that you are always trying to learn new things. You attach importance to knowledge in your life and you are also keen on religious and spiritual things. You pay attention to morale in private and business life. In connection with your feelings, guardian of a child    in dream suggests that you will aim to be a strong believer of the God and you will be aware of religious boundaries. You will be careful what your religion allows and prohibits.

Alternatively, dream interpretation of wali implies that one of your friends who is in your social environment hasn’t taken care of religious rules for a while and moved away from religious way. This friend will start to deal with material things and also to do evil to others. If things continue in that way, he or she will face with bad situations and experience unwanted events. Besides, this person will lose all his / her money.

To see a hand of parents in dream

Dream meaning of hand of a parent indicates that your business will get into the right path and your dreams will start to come true. Besides, to dream with hand of parents symbolizes that you can solve your problems in a short time and you will benefit from your work. Hard times will come to an end.

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