Dream Meaning of Giving

Dream meaning of giving something symbolizes different aspects and feelings. It depends on what you are giving in your dream. If you see that you are giving a positive thing, the dream may be sign of beauties and good luck. You will be achieve your goals and be successful in your life. You will make right decisions, take right steps and earn profit. Besides, it suggests that you will be a respected person as a result of your efforts. If you see that you are giving negative things in dream, it indicates that you will experience bad events. It may also signify your anxiety.

Dream meaning of lending money to someone

To dream of lending money to someone represents that there will be rumour about you although you are a honest, good hearted and kind person. You always help people when they need but some people will try to harm you with their words which aren’t true. These words will make you feel very unhappy and you will try to find the people who want to harm you. If you find who they are, you will leave them behind you.

Dream interpretation of giving money

To see that you are giving money in your dream refers to that you will be remarkable and attract attention at work place thanks to your success. Besides, you will get promoted and your dreams will come true. You will obtain something which you have wanted to get for a long time. In addition, to dream of giving money suggests that you will get richer and your wealth will increase.

To give water in dream

To dream with giving water represents that you are a kind person who tries to support and help people all the time. You are giving a hand to people in your social circle and at workplace whether they like you or not. You will continue to support others even if you earn much money. Also, the dream implies that you don’t expect something in return after you help people.

Dream about donating blood

To see that you are giving blood in dream indicates that you are failing on evil days but the situation will get better in the end. You will arrange things after you take right steps.  

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