Dream Meaning of Giving Up

To dream of giving up represents that you will return to reality from your world of imagination. It expresses that you have closed your eyes to facts but it is time to wake up and be aware of truths. The dream is a sign of your sudden waking up. Then, you will start to questionize the issues and you will try to go after sensible thoughts.

The thing, people or event which you give up in your dream is important for meaning. So that, the dream interpretation of giving up differs from the images you see.

If the dreamer is sick and he or she dreams giving up, then it is interpreted that his or her cheerfulness will lessen or he / she will reject to be treated. So, he or she won’t want to get better.

Sometimes, to dream with giving up symbolizes hopelessness. You will prefer to stay alone and you will be at the same point in your life. You feel hopeless and won’t want to step forward. Besides, you will make wrong choices in your emotional relationships. If you have a relationship nowadays, it may come to an end.

To give up marrying

To see that you are leaving the wedding ceremony in your dream suggests good symbols for you. Dream interpretation of giving up marrying indicates that a situation which seems to have a beautiful end will be left half-finished and being unfinished will be better for you in the future. You will experience better events thanks to that unfinished event and you will be very happy.  

If the dreamer is an old person, then it illustrates that there will be some negativities in family. If the dreamer is young, giving up marrying may signify faithfulness between spouses.

Dream meaning of leaving beloved behind  

To dream about leaving beloved behind may imply bad luck. Wrong expressions, bad behaviour and rudeness cause a separation or divorce. Your beloved may leave you because of your impolite words and attitude.

Psychological interpretation of giving up in dream

The dream is usually a sign of hopelessness. In general, people who are very nervous and anxious see they are giving up something in their dreams. The dreamer may be pessimistic, miserable and in poor spirits

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