Dream Meaning of Farewell

The dream interpretation of farewell suggests that negativities and problems in business and family life will bring stressful and hard times for you. Your family life will get worse day by day. In your business life you will get into trouble because some people will set a trap or they will try to block your works.

Alternatively, the dream meaning of farewell represents that you will suffer from a behaviour of someone whom you have already done a favour. Besides, it indicates that people in your workplace will look down on your works and efforts.

Dream about saying farewell to each other

To dream of saying farewell to each other symbolizes either good or bad luck. Sometimes it denotes that you will both feel very happy and very bad. Also, it may be a sign of getting promotion at workplace, being successful in your business and earning profit.

Alternatively, to say farewell in dream indicates that you will say goodbye to bad situations or events which make you unhappy. In addition, the dream may suggest to be together with someone who you love.

To dream with saying goodbye

To see that you are saying goodbye in your dream may symbolize that you will have hard times at work place and you will come to a turning point and have to decide what to do. You will get harm while passing through your turning point. Things may get worse. You should struggle with those problems and difficulties and it will take a long time to arrange things and to overcome the troubles. All these negativities will make you feel bad and will affect you in psychologically.  

To dream with saying goodbye also illustrates that you will get bad news while trying to achieve something and the news will affect you negatively. You may feel that your efforts have gone for nothing.

Besides, the dream about saying goodbye may be a sign of bad luck. There will be some problems among your family members and you will struggle with the feeling of anxiety.

To say goodbye to your spouse in dream denotes that you will have a big quarrel with your wife or husband and solving your problem will take a long time. Maybe this disagreement will bring a separation. On the other hand, to dream that you are saying goodbye to your friends means that you will face with a big problem and struggle for some time to cope with that problem.

The dream meaning of getting a farewell letter

To dream of a farewell letter indicates that you will encounter unpleasant events in your relationships and there will be rumor about you. Because of untrue sayings you will lose your job which you have been working for a long time. You may hear bad words from your friends or colleagues. Alternatively, dreaming with a farewell letter symbolizes that you will have to be in the same place with unkind people, and you will face with bad things in your partnership. Also, you will feel very unpleasant and stressful due to hard times.

To dream of farewell sermon

The dream meaning of farewell sermon denotes that things will come right and you will get prosper. The dream may be a sign of getting rid of bad situations. All problems will disappear in a short while and you will start to gain more in your business life. You will leave all negativities behind and earn a comfortable living. Also, it symbolizes good luck.  

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