Dream Meaning of Giving Birth to a Child

Seeing a birth in your dream refers to forgiveness of your sins. This dream is interpreted as the end of dark days and light and good incidents to come to your life. It is said that the person will be saved from sickness, debts, worries, fears, and delusions. Birth in a dream is said to be a sign of deliverance from confusions, questions and getting rid of problems and decadence and being in peace and comfort.

Giving Birth To A Child In Your Dream

Giving birth to a child in your dream refers to serenity and tranquility. You will meet your salvation and your hardship will end. Your prayers will be accepted by the will of the god. It indicates that the troubles of livelihood will end, that it will bring a phase of high morale and happiness, and that the person will enjoy the good taste in his mouth.

Seeing Someone Giving Birth To A Child In Your Dream

Seeing someone giving birth to a child in your dream also means serenity. It is a sign that the life of the person who sees the dream will be easier, the steps will be taken, the better the living conditions will be and the more profit will be obtained.

Going Through a Childbirth In Your Dream

This dream is a sign of happiness. This dream reveals that in the life of the owner there will be beautiful developments, the excitement and colour will come to his life, the good deed will bring good opportunities, the chance will high and his face will start laughing.

Seeing Labour In Your Dream

If you see yourself in labour ın your dream, that refers that salvation will come in no time. It points out that you will get your wishes and you will succeed in fulfilling your dreams and will knock the door of the good days. It refers to the point where your pains end.

Not Being Able To  Give Birth In Your Dream

Not Being Able to give birth in your dream is ill luck and it indicates that your troubles will increase. The person is said to be trying to get through the bad days in which he/she is, to experience other mishaps, to get more trouble, and to start to progress in a bad way. It is interpreted as a sign of having hard times to make the ends meet and agony and hardships.

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