Dream Meaning of Birth

Seeing a birth in your dream is accepted to be a bad omen. Your life may not go in the way that you want and many misfortunes may find you if you had this dream. Your income will be decreased and you will suffer from poverty after a while. It does not have a really good interpretation and it signifies bad fortune. It means hardship, trouble and lack of money.

It is said that a person who sees a birthday in his dream will have misfortune as long as he lives in this life. He will face hardships he has never done before and will suffer more than he has ever imagined in his life. It is said that your good deeds will end and you will face your problems alone and you will be lonely.

Celebrating a Birthday in Your Dream

Celebrating a birthday in your dream is interpreted to similar things. It is a sign of the days of poverty, agony, tears and ill luck. Every door you knock will be slammed in your face and your fortune will be empty. Your path will be blocked and you will be in one of the worst phases of your life.

Receiving A Birthday Present In Your Dream

Receiving a birthday present in your dream refers to getting news that will set your mind at ease and will make you happy. The bad businesses will start to go right, your life will shape up and you will enjoy this increase in your well-being.

Seeing Birthday Cake In Your Dream

Seeing a birthday cake in your dream is a very good thing. It indicates good news and surprises. It signifies the fulfilment of the wishes of the dream owner and that there will be a peace in his life.

Slicing a Birthday Cake in Your Dream

It is said that the person who sees himself cutting a birthday cake in his dream is very clean and wants to do good works in the way of right. The person who had his dream will do great deeds and will help sick and poor people and make them happy.

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